The Northern Mallee Leaders Program (NMLP) aims to create leaders for vibrant and sustainable communities across the Sunraysia region by;

  • Offering potential and emerging leaders an intensive annual program which explores the major issues and opportunities within our region
  • Enabling participants to interact with, and learn from, existing leaders
  • Enhancing participants’ leadership skills and developing region wide networks
  • Inspiring participants to take on leadership opportunities in their communities
  • Empowering and encouraging participants to help shape their community
  • Providing participants with the skills, knowledge and networks to make a difference

Each year up to 24 participants are accepted, with the aim of reflecting the diversity of the communities living and working within our region – primary industries, business, government and community.

The program runs for a period of nine months each year between February and November and comprises 24 program days (an average of two days per month).

Each program day is held in a different part of the region effectively showcasing the region, while field trips to Canberra and Melbourne add another valuable dimension to this unique experience.

What are the main benefits of this program?

There are many reasons why people are attracted to this program and they always gain far more than they ever anticipate.

NMLP is designed to assist anyone involved in their local community, industry or region to

  • Improve their effectiveness in current roles and/or take on a leadership role.
  • Increased skills and confidence.
  • Increased awareness of regional issues and innovative ideas.
  • Increased tolerance and understanding of various community sectors.
  • Access to an influential network of community leaders and resources across the region.