How to Support NML

There are numerous ways that individuals, organisations and businesses can become involved in the Northern Mallee Leaders Inc, which has an expansive alumni network as well as strong affiliations with community-oriented groups and organisations.

Partnership Options

Below is a table of partnership options listing some of the benefits of getting involved:

Sponsor Package Table

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Type$ Amount (GST Exclusive)Rights/Offers
NML Inc Organisational SponsorTo Be NegotiatedLogo on NML inc. Banner
Banner at events
Graduation – 2 complementary tickets
Sponsor category acknowledgement ppt
Print media acknowledgement
Event acknowledgement
Display logo on NML inc website
NML inc website link to sponsor website
Logo - yearbook
1 x speaking opportunity at program event
Invitation to NML Inc. Strategy Conversation
In-kind Sponsors
To Be NegotiatedEvent (or related ) acknowledgement
Logo – Year Book

In-kind e.g.
Services e.g. printing
NMLP Sponsor
$5000 and above1 x NMLP participant
Logo on NMLP brochure
Display banner at events
Print media acknowledgement
Sponsor acknowledgement ppt
Display logo on NMLP inc website
NML inc website link to sponsor website
Logo on year book
2 x tickets – 4 events
20% discount to special leadership events and workshops
1 x speaking opportunity at key event
Exclusivity re competitors
NMLP Supporter<$5000Logo at events
Banner at events
Logo – year book
Display logo on NML inc. Website
2 tickets @ 2 events
NMLP Scholarship$3000Certificate presentation at launch to scholarship winner
1 x participant
Graduation – 2 tickets
Logo in year book
Website logo display
Event SponsorTo Be Negotiated As Per Event1 x speaking opportunity at sponsored event
Event advertising acknowledgement
Logo - event materials
Event print media acknowledgement
Sponsor category acknowledgement ppt.



For partners, please read about our sponsorship packages. Our sponsorship agreement document is also available for download.

Scholarship Providers

For 2018 program scholarship providers, please download and complete the Scholarship Letter of Commitment:

We would love to hear from you

Contributing to our program can be a very fulfilling experience. It could potentially open up new relationships with a growing network of brilliant individuals from a diverse range of roles, backgrounds and experiences. You will also be helping to facilitate a platform that helps aspiring leaders grow and to give back to our region via community projects.